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Varsity Lakes Community Bank

Bendigo Varsity Lakes Community Bank

At Bendigo Bank we realised long ago that to help your community become successful, we first needed to help U become successful.

Because if U grow, everyone will grow with U – After all without U – there’s no community, no success, and no us!

So we’re concentrating on U – by delivering great products and services.

'Bigger than a bank'

Our Bank believes successful customers and successful communities create a successful bank – in that order.

As we work to provide banking products and services for our customers, we consider the bigger picture.

We think about what we can do beyond banking to help our customers and strengthen the communities they live in.

First and foremost, we're a good bank. But it's the time and effort our Bank spends innovating in the community that makes us unique and sets us apart.


It's why so many people choose to bank with us.

The Community Bank® Difference

With our own branch, we can move forward, confident that we have secured face to face banking for our residents and businesses.

Our Goals:

  • To provide a full array of banking services at competitive interest rates
  • To provide the best in friendly, professional and personalised service.
  • Ensure we have a manager who lives locally and knows our community, not just a voice at the end of the phone.
  • Play an active role in enhancing the long term economic prospects of our community.

Just think…

What would happen if around half of the total profits from the aggregate banking business in our community was ploughed back into the community to enhance its economic development?

The potential increases in economic growth could lead to enhanced services and facilities, increased profits for business and even an increase in the value of any land you own. And that would only be the beginning!

The Community Bank® Difference

Interest rates, product range and convenience generally rate as important factors in deciding on a financial provider for your business or personal banking. This is not surprising since each of these factors potentially impact on our household or business income.

Very few of us would have taken into consideration the way in which financial providers distribute the profits they accrue from our community’s banking business- and understandably so.

Before our Community Bank® branch was established, we had no real say in where the profits generated from local Bank branches went. Profits were controlled by each Banks’ head office. A small percentage of the profits generated from our combined banking business was reinvested back in the community for productive use.

If you own a small business, the success of your venture may well depend on the state of the local economy. As a local community resident, the quality of services and facilities available in your district and the value of any land you may own depends very much on the local economy.

Whilst our Community Bank® branch offers a full array of banking products at competitive interest rates as well as providing friendly, professional and personalised service to all our customers, we also provide you with an opportunity to contribute to securing a prosperous future for your community. In addition, you can have a say in the distribution of profits generated from our community’s banking business. The Community Bank® branch model entitles our community to participate in the net profits from the branch.


Alana Baulch 

Branch Manager - Bendigo Bank, Varsity Lakes

Shop 7, 195 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes,4227

P:(07) 55620755 F (07)55933630I 



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